SustainabilityStartathon:Vietnam Round

Vietnam’s road to the Summit starts here!
Supporting organisations
If you have any questions, please reach out to Elitez Vietnam at:
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ProgramME Timeline

20 July 2023 Launch Date
30 August 2023 (11:59pm) (Extended) Registration Deadline
30 August 2023 (11:59pm) Submission Closure
1-15 September 2023 Qualifying Round: Judging Period
15 September 2023 Announcement of Finalists
30 September 2023 Country Round: Final
29 October - 3 November 2023 Summit: Grand Finals in Singapore


1. UN SDG 11

  • How might we improve the supply chain to encourage sustainable production and consumption?
  • How might we encourage the local community to adopt a sharing economy to encourage sustainability?
  • How can we create incentives for consumers to purchase sustainably produced products?
  • How can we promote sustainable tourism in developing countries?

2. UN SDG 12

  • How might we create an inclusive space for cultural heritage while spreading knowledge / awareness about it?
  • How can we leverage AI to improve public transportation systems in urban areas?
  • How can we promote sustainable waste reduction practices in urban areas?
  • The lack of financial inclusion in underserved communities leads to increased poverty and decreased economic mobility. Develop and implement solutions to improve financial inclusion.

Startathon Rules and Regulations

For use by Sustainability Startathon contestants, this reference guidebook has important information on key dates, rules & regulations, and more.