SustainabilityStartathon:China Round

China’s road to the Summit starts here!
Supporting organisations
If you have any questions, please reach out to Train Mi Consultancy at:
Linda Hu
+86 13880429781
Jeremy Li
+86 13608091107
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ProgramME Timeline

1 August 2023 Launch Date
27 August 2023 Registration Deadline
17 September 2023 Country Round: Qualifiers
28 September 2023 Country Round: Final
29 October - 3 November 2023 Summit: Grand Finals in Singapore


1. Youth Development

  • Educational Innovation and Leadership
  • Global Perspective and International Talents
  • Employment and Career Planning
  • Physical and Mental Health and Well-being

2. Urban Construction

  • Digital Urban Planning and Infrastructure
  • Smart Transportation and Shared Mobility
  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Smart Communities and Digital Cultural Education

3. Business Operations

  • Technological Innovation and Digitalization
  • Carbon Footprint and Emissions Management
  • Resource Recycling and Supply Chain Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Investment

Startathon Rules and Regulations

For use by Sustainability Startathon contestants, this reference guidebook has important information on key dates, rules & regulations, and more.