SustainabilityStartathon:Cambodia Round

Cambodia’s road to the Summit starts here!
Supporting organisations
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ProgramME Timeline

5 August 2023 (10:00am) Launch Date
20 August 2023 (00:00am) Registration Deadline
27 August 2023 (00:00am) Submission Closure
2 September 2023 Country Round: Qualifiers
16 September 2023 Country Round: Final
23 September 2023 Awards Ceremony
29 October - 3 November 2023 Summit: Grand Finals in Singapore


1. UN SDG 11

  • Problem Statement 1: How can we advance eco-friendly technology in Cambodia?
  • Problem Statement 2: What measure can we implement to reduce waste in urban area?
  • Problem Statement 3: What sustainable energy options can we provide for communities with limited resources?

2. UN SDG 12

  • Problem Statement 1: Greening Hotel Businesses: Many Cambodian hotels neglect eco-friendly practices. How can we inspire innovative strategies to make hotels environmentally responsible while boosting their business?
  • Problem Statement 2: Driving Eco-Choices: People often choose environment-harming options for cost or convenience. How can we incentivize electric vehicle adoption, promoting eco-friendly transport without compromising economic considerations?
  • Problem Statement 3: Revamping Manufacturing for Sustainability: In an era of CO2 concerns, manufacturing needs a green overhaul. How can we strategically redesign processes for sustainability, waste reduction, and seamless integration of eco-efficiency?

Startathon Rules and Regulations

For use by Sustainability Startathon contestants, this reference guidebook has important information on key dates, rules & regulations, and more.